Q.What is missionkya.com?

A. Missionkya.com is an online marketplace where busy people and businesses who need help with anything can get their jobs done from experts and verified freelancers and businesses.

Q.What do you mean by mission?

A. When you want something to be done then we refer your work as a mission which needs to be accomplished.

Q.How does missionkya work?

A. First you post a mission writing a description about how you want your job to be done with a relevant budget and the location where it needs to be done.

After a check by our security team, your mission will be live and experts working in those domains will bid over your mission with price maybe lower or similar or maybe higher than your budget.

After receiving bids select a appropriate bidder and assign your mission to them.

When you assign a mission to any bidder missionkya.com will ask you to make payments to MissionKya's escrow account.

When your mission is complete we will ask you about the quality of service and we will release the payment to mission doers account.

After that you will be allowed to rate and review the respective mission doer

Q.Who will do my mission?

A. Your missions will be accomplished by expert freelancers and business houses working in Respected particular category

Q.What kind of missions I can post?

A. As a busy person you can post any kind of work which you want to be done but it is strictly prohibited to post something which is against the law or inappropriate. you can also browse to our categories to see what else you want to be done. Missionkya.com holds all the rights to cancel or disapprove a mission anytime without any prior notice.

Q.What if category related to my mission is not available?

A. In that case we request you to write to us at support@missionkya.com, we will then see to it and get back to you within 24 hours


Q.How to post a mission?

A. You have to hit ‘post a mission’ on our homepage which will then redirect you to the categories from there you can select your category and fill up a simple form describing about what job need to be done with your budget and time duration.

Q.Do you charge for posting a mission?

A. Not at all! Posting a mission is absolutely free, no middle man cost, no hidden fees. just get anything done


A. If you select cash on completion then you have to pay after the completion of task in single instalment, but as you know some of the missions need to release payments to the mission doer’s account on regular basis, for that purpose you can select REGULAR INSTALLMENTS.

Q.When do I need to make the payment to my mission doer?

A. Whether you select cash on completion or regular instalments, in both the cases you need to make payment to company’ s account at the time you award the mission to any mission doer’s account. Don’t worry your funds are safe with us. check our payment policy

Q.What if me and my mission doer decided a change in project amount?

A. If both the parties decide the change in amount by mutual understanding and discussing about the project, you can make the changes in amount when you award the mission.

Q.What if the mission doer/freelancer/business house left my work incomplete ?

A. We suggest both the party to co-ordinate and maintain the dignity. But if you see no solution then contact us through email at support@missionkya.com or call us.we will then communicate with both the parties and if we find that your mission doer is failed to complete your mission then we will refund your money which we had taken from you at the time of awarding the mission
We will then do our best to assign another expert to your mission. Note that missionkya.com does not provide any guarantee of your work/job/missions.

Q.Who can post mission?

A. Anyone who is above 18 years of age can post a mission can get their work done.


Q.How to bid over a mission?

A. For this you have to click bid now option on the missions available on the categories page, you have to fill up an online proposal form requesting mission uploader to select you for that work and award you.

Q.How much does missionkya.com charge for bidding over a mission?

A. MissionKya Charge as low as only 10 % on the total mission's amount including all the taxes , online tranfer fee and other chargeable amount

Q.Why mission uploader didn’t award me for his/her mission?

A. You must understand that in the competitive world mission uploader must have received many bids, maybe he/she didn’t liked your proposal or the amount of your bid. To avoid that case we suggest you to bid an appropriate amount and maintain your reviews and ratings.

Q.Why ratings and reviews are important?

A. To get another job it is recommended to manage your previous job very effectively so that the customer will review about you better.As every mission uploader will check your profile about how you treat your job.

Q.When will I be paid?

A. It depends on whether the mission poster want to pay you after completion of mission or in regular instalments. If the mission is of cash on completion category then we will release the payment to your account only after the completion of task and approval of completion from mission poster side, we will follow both of you through phones and emails.

Q.What if there is a dispute after awarding the mission?

A. We suggest you to try to resolve through mutual understandings and communications.if nothing can be done at your level than you can always write us to support@missionkya.com, we will analyse your query and will get back to you within 24 hours

Q.What if my mission uploader didn’t approved missionkya to release the payment even after completing the mission?

A. We suggest you to remind your mission uploader to approve your payment by time. In case he/she is not able to release then you should drop a mail to us regarding the same and we will follow both the parties through mails and phone. In any case he/she is not approving us to release the payment then we will analyze the case and as our project managers keep track of every activity , we will check out the performance and quality delivered by you. If it match what was decided before assigning the mission then we will tranfer to your account else money deserves back to It's owner ( in case of breach of project T & C).